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Our Plan for Reopening

WE are excited to share our plan for Reopening in September.  Here it is.


Starting on Sunday, Sept 13, 2020, we are planning to have two identical 50 minute services, one at 10 am in the gym, and the other at 11:10 am in the Sanctuary.  We will employ these different spaces to keep the possibility of spreading germs to a minimum. 


Each service will include: announcements, a song, a time of celebration around the Lord's Table, a song of transition, a 20 minute sermon and a closing prayer.  The content of the services will be exactly the same, but based on the spaces we are using the service in the sanctuary will have more of a full band feel.   We are also planning to stream the 11:10 service to post online for those who cannot be here.  


In terms of attendance, both services will have capacities of 60 people, and each group will be static in terms of no trading back and forth.  That means that, when you sign up for one of the services, we would ask you (and your family) to attend that service for the foreseeable future; unless of course there is some unforeseen circumstances.  The sign up for those services will be on a first come first serve basis, and will start on Aug 16. You can sign up by contacting the office via email (admin@elimbiblechapel.com) or by phone at (519) 828-3076 and giving your choice of service and how many will be in your group.  We would also ask that you let the office know if you are going to be away.


We are also planning to restart our church prayer meeting in September, but for the time being Sunday School and Nursery will not be provided.


We realize that this could be perceived as dividing the church, but we want to remind you that we are one church, united by the person and work of Jesus, brought together as a family, and whether you are attending one of the services or remaining at home for the time being, you belong and are loved.  We long for the day when we will all be together again, but until that day, we need to stay connected in the ways afforded to us, and remain open to opportunities to encourage each other in the Lord.


If you have any questions about this plan, or future plans, please do not hesitate to ask one of the elders. 

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