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Larry Teeple (Elder)

Larry is the longest serving of the elders and yet somehow has managed to remain calm and steady throughout the years. He serves wherever he is needed: sometimes visibly and often working quietly in the background. When not serving the church, he can be found helping people breathe at University Hospital. Larry loves his wife, Cheryl, as well as his four grown-and-married children, their spouses and his six grandchildren; but as deep as that love is, Larry loves Jesus and His Kingdom even more.

Ian Teetzel (Elder)

Ian is husband to Brianne and a father of four daughters. When not farming (and sometimes during) he enjoys researching a wide variety of subjects on the internet and has a working knowledge of many topics. He can be found playing drums or guitar on Sunday, welcoming people into his home for visits or taking notes at the deacons' meeting. If you need some research done on any topic, Ian is your man.

Michael Hodgson (Elder)

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Stewart Campbell (Deacon)

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Steve Levitt (Deacon & Sunday School Warden)

In 2003 Steve became convinced that his family should worship in the same town where they live. So he, his wife Kerry, and their three children pulled up roots at a much larger church to come and serve the body at Elim. In addition to running a growing business from their home, Steve makes time to be involved in many different aspects of ministry at Elim, but says that the men's Bible study group and the Sunday school ministry are where Jesus blesses him most. His family's favourite vacation spot is Joy Bible Camp in Bancroft.

Vacant Position (Chapel Aministrator)

New Chapel Adminstrator coming soon...

George and Ruth Chaffe (Custodians)

George and Ruth have kept our church impeccably clean for years now. When not cleaning the church, they enjoy being with their family. George also enjoys playing golf, spending time with God at his hunt camp and volunteering in the community. Ruth is often occupied by quilting and making cards.

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